Do you have questions about In the Clearing?  Want to know what the show will be like as an experience?  Here are answers to a few of the questions we've gotten since we've started talking about the show (or questions we assume people will have)!

Will there be seats?

There will be a limited number of seats to accommodate any audience members who cannot or would not like to sit on the floor.  Everyone else is encouraged to bring a blanket or pillow or take a seat on the floor.

Will there be picnic blankets provided if I don’t bring my own?

There will be a VERY limited number of picnic blankets for audience members to use (think like..2-3 blankets).  First come, first serve!

Can I really bring food and drink?

Yes, you can really bring food and drink.  Unfortunately, we ask that you’re able to bring your trash out of the theater with you again.  Think of it like you’re entering a national park or campground.  You know the rule.  Carry in, carry out!

Yes alcoholic drinks are allowed! It’s BYOB in several senses: Bring Your Own Booze/Blanket/Basket.

What about alcoholic drinks?

In this case, it means you will be part of the world that we’ve created.  It means you’ll be sitting amongst our scenic trees.  It does NOT mean that you are required to “participate” or perform in any way.

What does “immersive” mean?

For us, it means there will be kids at the show.  They might make some noise.  They might be a little squirmy or sometimes inattentive.  That’s okay with us!  Although you are welcome to bring children to any show as you deem appropriate, we are currently only designating the Saturday Sept 10th matinee (1pm) as explicitly family friendly. 

What does “family friendly” mean?

Click here for directions provided by Christ Church Neighborhood House.  They've provided information regarding public transport as well as parking ($2 off in the Park America lot behind Christ Church!).  The theater is located on the fourth floor (elevator available) and directions can be provided by the front of house desk when you arrive at the theater.

How do I get to the show?

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Still have questions? Let us know how we can help!