Seeking Outreach and Marketing Associate

Birds on a Wire Dance Theatre is an entirely volunteer run dance company.  We are seeking an outreach and marketing associate who can assist in reaching out to community members to create partnerships and seek support, overseeing marketing efforts and timelines, and overall assist in the needs of a small but energetic dance company. 

You are self-motivated and driven, curious and thoughtful, collaborative and open-minded.  You are seeking to develop new skills or make new contacts.  You might be a recent graduate looking for experience or you might be very experienced and looking for a new avenue to develop untested skills.  You are an excellent writer.  

The specifics of the position can be tailored to the right candidate.  There is significant opportunity for this person to establish, see-through, and evaluate the results of self-driven initiatives.  That is, do you have a great idea?  Does it fit with BOAW's mission and operations?  Great!  Do it!  You will NOT be micromanaged.  You WILL be expected to contribute.  The most important aspect is fit.  Ideally, the applicant would be available for a five hour chunk of time 2-5 times a month (business hours preferable).  The position is volunteer and thus unpaid -- but we will happily pay in coffee, tea, or drink of your choice and lots of snacks (very occasionally homemade).  If all works out well, you will have a grateful and appreciative reference forever.  

Please email with the subject I WANT TO FLY WITH THE BIRDS.  Please include a cover letter (detailing your experience and interest in arts administration and what you would like to get out of this position) and a resume.  Feel free to include any relevant writing sample or any graphic design work (entirely optional).  

Thanks for your interest!