About the Company

At Birds on a Wire, we believe really strongly in the power of dance to communicate, to express, and to move people, both literally and figuratively.  We value collaborating with artists of different mediums.  We love being part of the powerful and supportive Philadelphia dance community.  We think it's important for Philadelphia dance artists to learn from each other, work together, and make the dance scene even stronger, and are committed to creating opportunities for artists, particularly emerging artists, to grow, develop, and contribute to the cultural landscape.

We are an entirely volunteer run company that unwraps and dissects palpable female experiences and presents them in thoughtful, curious productions.  We believe that dance is intrinsically - that is, by its very nature - accessible and because of this, we consider artist-audience dialogue an integral part of the creation of new and relevant danceworks.  We seek to cultivate an engaged audience and to create meaningful connections between audience and performer.  We take people's individual stories and abstract them to get at universal truths.  We encourage the audience to find bits and pieces of themselves along the way.